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Charles Krauthammer sums up the State of the Union address: same package, new wrapping.

Victor Davis Hanson warns that President Obama’s rhetorical shifts are just that: rhetorical.

Taylor Dinerman argues that if the president understood the history of Sputnik, he wouldn’t have included it in the State of the Union.

Mona Charen chides President Obama for dodging a discussion of entitlements.  

Deroy Murdock wonders if the president is a leftist, a pragmatist, or both.

The editors shut the doors of the “Evil Man School of Economics.”

Dan Foster recounts the story of Rep. Mike Pence’s decision not to run for president.

Michelle Malkin enumerates the left-wing groups that have requested waivers from Obamacare.

Robert VerBruggen suggests a “graduated response” to Internet piracy.


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