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Zalmay Khalilzad worries that Washington’s spendthrift ways will undermine the pax Americana.

Philip Hamburger explains the constitutional problems with health-care waivers.

Katrina Trinko locates former ambassador, now presidential candidate, John Huntsman on the center-right.

Thomas Sowell discourages presidential administrations from mussing up the alliances of their predecessors.

He also argues that striking down Obamacare is just what the courts were made for.

The Editors endorse Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget as the most promising avenue to reform.

Dennis Prager advocates extensive travel as the antidote to all forms of insularity.

Douglas Feith combines Bush’s democratic idealism with Burke’s circumspect caution in thinking about Middle East policy.

Jay Nordlinger recalls the long and ignoble tradition of presuming that some groups are unfit for democracy.

Mona Charen observes that, in a fallen world, not all our allies will be angels.


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