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Homeward Bound

I’m at Albany International Airport. Had a very nice time last night. I think the speech went ok. I’m a terrible judge of these things. But, no one vomited — in my presence — so I take that as a good sign. I must say even the antiwar kids were polite. I’m about to dive into the newspapers and I haven’t had time to follow much of the news other than a few minutes of the CentCom briefing. But I can report that the pay phones here at the airport have an interesting feature. They have speed dial buttons for a host of services: security, weather reports, NY State travel intro, etc. And right after the button for “thruway road conditions” is a speed dial for “Lottery Info.”

I just love the idea of lots of people arriving after a long flight and racing to the phones to get the 411 on their lottery tickets and being ecstatic that it’s already on speed dial! I wonder how many people have missed their flights because they had to check for lotto info one more time before getting on the put-put plane to Boston.


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