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Honey Badger Bows and Scrapes

Steve Bannon is supposed to be all about honey-badgering and not giving a s***, but the extraordinary campaign against him from the White House has him groveling and begging for forgiveness. My sense of the Michael Wolff book is that probably about half of the quotes and details are completely nailed-down and reliable, and I don’t know which half. It’s clear, though, that Bannon spent an inordinate amount of time talking with Wolff, just as he spent an inordinate amount of time talking to every other reporter. Indeed, one of the under-appreciated media fails of 2017 was the press’s pretty uncritical acceptance of the Myth of Bannon, as spun by none other than Steve Bannon. This is why resentment was building up against him in the White House among people who knew how he really operated and what he really did. It may be that these Trump loyalists on the inside consider Bannon even more of a liar and a charlatan than Trump skeptics on the outside. We saw some of this aired publicly in Stephen Miller’s peppery (!) interview with Jake Tapper this morning. Honey Badger is paying a price for alienating his erstwhile colleagues with his ridiculous self-aggrandizement.



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