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The Honor Diaries Controversy

Monday night at Fox, I had the pleasure of meeting Qanta Ahmed through our mutual friend, Brooke Goldstein (of the Lawfare Project). Dr. Ahmed is a British- and U.S.-educated medical doctor from Pakistan. She is also a believing Muslim, and has been deeply involved in Honor Diaries, a film that exposes honor killings and other systematic abuse and inequality that women face in Muslim-majority societies.

Today, Dr. Ahmed has an important article on our homepage about the film and the campaign to suppress it now being waged by the Muslim Brotherhood’s professional Islamic grievance industry.

As she points out, the “Islamophobia” canard and the portrayal of Muslims as ever-the-victim are politically useful to Islamist organizations — I would add, because the media and the universities (especially those with active Muslim Students Association chapters) have swallowed them whole. But they are fraudulent: As Dr. Ahmed asserts, “American Muslims are affluent, upwardly mobile, and empowered.” In the United States, Muslims in general, and Muslim women in particular, enjoy more prosperity, more legal protection, and more freedom — very much including freedom of conscience — than they do in Islamic countries.

And notwithstanding CAIR’s shrieking, most American Muslims do not see it as “Islamophobic” to confront the problems that Islamic supremacist ideology — the Brotherhood brand of Islam — cause in many Muslim-majority societies.

Read Dr. Ahmed’s column and I’m confident you’ll find her as impressive as I did. Kudos to her, to executive producer Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and to the other brave women (and men) who were instrumental in the making of Honor Diaries. Kudos also to Megyn Kelly at Fox News, who has continued to cover the story.

To watch Megyn’s interview of Qanta and Brooke on Monday, and her moderating of a debate between Brooke and a CAIR spokeswoman on Tuesday, see here and here.


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