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Horns and Tails

The word “demonization” is probably overused. People use it to mean criticism, especially of a strong or low kind. A colleague of mine once accused me of “demonizing” him when I had merely taken issue with him. “Demonization” is a recent cliché.

But what other word is there for what the Democrats routinely do to Charles and David Koch?

I was reading about a Senate debate in New Hampshire: Scott Brown was giving his closing statement, saying he had been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. Jeanne Shaheen piped up to confide something to the audience: “Koch-brothers-funded organization.” She said it in a tone that suggested her listeners were supposed to think, “Evil.”

I know that the Soviets classified their critics and opponents as mentally ill. But, I’m sorry: I watched the Kentucky Senate debate, and I think that Alison Lundergan Grimes is a little meshugge. Here is just one morsel from that bizarre hour: “Well, first let me say that what you’ve just heard Senator McConnell say is a complete departure from what he said to his family — the Koch brothers — out in California when he went there and asked them to help him buy his way back to Washington, D.C.”

“His family”? Are there any Democrats in America — there must be — who will say that the demonization of Charles and David Koch is unfair, un-American, and unhinged?

P.S. I’m a little confused on the Chamber of Commerce. The Right hates it. And the Left hates it. It is demonized on each flank. Like the Republican party!

P.P.S. I hope the Kochs have used some of their money to get themselves some good personal protection — personal security. For as long as I can remember, the Left has accused the Right of creating an “atmosphere” or “climate” in which violence is possible. Clinton accused Rush of spurring Oklahoma City, basically. The Left worldwide accused Likud of murdering Rabin (basically). And, of course, Barry Goldwater, John Tower, and the rest killed Kennedy, if LBJ didn’t do it — never mind that the assassin was a Communist. I would be loath to play that same game.

But, man, have Harry Reid et al. whipped up hatred against the Kochs . . .

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