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Hornung’s Right

Once again, a gaffe is defined as accidentally telling the truth. There is absolutely no way to look at the current state of college admissions, black athletics and black academics and not come to the conclusion that he did. It’s terrible that it’s true, but I fail to see how it’s not. What people refuse to accept about the affirmative action/quota debate is that this is a supply problem, not a demand problem. Schools are desperate for black students, and there’s an intense bidding war for academically qualified black students which often results in medicore students beeing put in hyper-competitive environments (which is why the black drop-out rate is so high). The days when it was hard for a black kid to get into a good college because of his race are so over we can barely see them in the rearview mirror. The problem is that our public schools and the black community simply cannot meet the demand for qualified students. Meanwhile, there’s an over-supply for qualified athletes. If the same energies applied to hoops could be applied to books, the quotas argument would disappear.


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