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The Horror, The Horror

I like a lot of John Cusack movies, but the simple fact is that he’s more than just a little bit crazy and stupid whenever he talks about politics. Here’s how he remembers the 1980s — the decade that made him a star and rich, by the way:

“I remember it being a kind of forced Prozac happy time without the Prozac,” Cusack says. “We were sort of like optimism by martial law. There were jumbotrons of Ronald Reagan everywhere. There were Dr. Pepper people dancing. There was this militant patriotism, nationalism, faux spirituality to it. I look back on it as an intense, dark decade.”

Man, I don’t know how I missed those jumbotrons “everywhere.” They sound awesome.

Sounds like the only thing missing Prozac is this nutjob.

Update: From a reader:

He was also the least funny thing in “Hot Tub Time Machine” – and considering Chevy Chase was in the same movie, that’s really saying something.


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