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From The Horses, Er, “Mouth”

A Frenchman writes:


Dear Mr. Jonah Goldberg,

I read with high interest your article which i kept :

I am now “laughing my ass off” !

Now your good “American-Zionists” friends are in Irak, what have they found ?

Nothing, except “Weapons of Mass Deception” and rotten tanks !

Even Saddam Hussein was not captured by the American army, but he was sold for a couple of million dollars reward.

Like the Jessica Lynch affair, this is only a very good “Hollywood show”.

As Sharon said : “We control America and the Americans know it” !

I should add my personal one :

“America is the first jewish state and the Europeans know it !”

(6 millions jews in America and only less than 5 millions in Israel !)

You should be much wiser, before writing another article, to really know hat you are talking about and please don’t read Wolfowitz, Perle, or whatever neocons articles appearing in the AIPAC or the JINSA.

By the way, let me give you a “scoop” :

Richard Perle, the “consigliere” of the “Kasher Nostra” godfather (Wolfowitz) owns a beautiful house, not far from mine… in the southern part of this country you and he are criticizing (yes, France!) where he comes three/four times a year to get back to civilization.

But don’t tell him, i should not like to have him as my guest.