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Horses & Freedom’s Range

John Kerry has been complaining that he lost the Presidential election because of the old adage that you don’t change horses midstream during a war. Sunday’s Iraqi election illustrates why that adage has teeth. It is quite possible that the remarkable events the world witnessed this weekend in Iraq — and the highly emotional moment that was the highlight of the President’s State of the Union Address last night — never would have happened had George Bush been voted out of office. Perhaps Kerry would have decided — as many naysayers were claiming leading up to the election — that the security situation on the ground was too unstable to hold a successful election. Postponement was a real possibility under a Kerry presidency — not a guarantee, but a definite possibility — and who knows what would have happened therafter. But the potentially paradigm-shifting event occurred because the American electorate didn’t want to change horses mid-stream. Americans generally don’t like to leave business unfinished, especially when it comes to our nation’s security. So John Kerry may be partially correct, and this week’s world events show that we’re better off for it.


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