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Bryan Preston, of Hot Air has posted an important interview with Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, on the Alms for Jihad controversy. We ought to be grateful for the courage of Rachel Ehrenfeld. After listening to this remarkable interview, you may want to go here and contribute to her organization.

I continue to be struck by the potential significance of this story, and also by the extent to which a resolution now depends upon the blogosphere. Ultimately, I think the resources of the mainstream press will have to be mobilized in order to resolve the questions at issue here. But there is much the blogosphere can do–above all, generate the sort of publicity that will protect Ehrenfeld and others, and that will force the mainstream press to investigate. And the sort of legal expertise the blogosphere can provide clearly needs to be brought to bear here. There are important and fascinating issues of free speech and national sovereignty at stake, and resolving the legal complexities is well above my pay grade. But that this is a story worth pursuing seems certain. So go to Hot Air and listen to what Ehrenfeld has to say. (For background, here’s my “Pulp Non-Fiction” post from the other day.) 

Stanley Kurtz — Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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