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Hot Times on the Hill

A little immigration dish: On Brit Hume’s show, Major Garrett reported this evening, attributing it to Republican sources that

during immigration negotiations yesterday John McCain accused Texas Senator John Cornyn of trying to block the immigration compromise; Cornyn responded by noting McCain had been too busy running for President to have participated in the negotiations, McCain responded by using the F-word expletive to the Texas Senator. Garrett then closed by saying tongue in cheek, “it’s unclear however, whether Senator McCain was using the F-word as a noun or a verb.”

(The above are notes from someone who was watching.)

A witness claims that “What is missing is the fact McCain was criticizing Cornyn’s very simple but important request – a request he had made for three months in meetings without McCain being present for the most part – that important enforcement provisions be included. McCain called his sensible request ‘Chickensh*#” and dismissed it…”

UPDATE: HotAir has the video.