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Hours Away

Not until John Edwards admits to his paternity and payoff — that will take a bit longer — but until the deadline for our cruise drawing.  Some lucky couple will enjoy the fun in store on Monday, August 25th in Colorado Springs and karaoke in the Caribbean with Mark Steyn.  In the time remaining, consider contributing to the conservative cause with a largely tax-deductible donation while we look forward to visiting with our generous supporters on the 25th and to welcoming the winners aboard when we set sail in November.

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The Media Fell for Elizabeth Warren’s Spin

Do you want to know what media bias looks like? Earlier today, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren released DNA test results that confirmed that she misled employers, students, and the public about her Native American heritage for years. Bizarrely, all too many members of the media treated the results as ... Read More

A Free People Must Be Virtuous

Dear Reader (Even those of you who didn’t seem to notice or care that I failed to file this “news”letter on Friday), So I’m sitting here at Gate C6 at O’Hare waiting for my flight home. I am weary, pressed for time, in desperate need of a shower, and filled with a great sense of dread for the work ... Read More
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The World Keeps Not Ending

We were not supposed to have made it this far. George Orwell saw night descending on us in 1984. Orwell was, on paper, a radical, but in his heart he was an old-fashioned English liberal. He dreamed of socialism but feared socialists. He feared them because he knew them. I was in the sixth grade in 1984, but I ... Read More