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House Committee Shows Video of Drunk Secret Service Agents Disrupting Bomb Scene

Despite the Secret Service’s refusal to provide video of the incident, House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R, Ut.) released an alternate video showing two agents driving through an active bomb threat scene after drinking, knocking over a barricade in the process.

Chaffetz and his fellow lawmakers excoriated Secret Service head Joseph Clancy during a hearing on Tuesday, accusing him of trying to cover up embarrassing details of an incident that occurred outside the White House earlier this month.

On the evening of March 4, a woman dropped a package she claimed was a bomb near the White House and fled the scene. The Secret Service first bungled the response, treating it merely as a suspicious package instead of a verified bomb threat. And half an hour later, two agents suspected of being intoxicated drove through the scene, knocking over a protective barrel and passing their vehicle’s wheels within feet of the possible bomb.

Clancy refused to release multiple videos of the incident to Congress, but the D.C. Metropolitian Police Department responded to Chaffetz’s request and released traffic cam footage of the incident to the committee.

The chairman played the video for the committee on Tuesday, saying it raises “a lot of additional questions” about the Secret Service’s ability to protect the president.


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