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House Conservative Backs Clean Debt-Limit Hike

Representative Raul Labrador (R., Idaho) says he is “just being realistic” by suggesting that House Republicans give up the fight over the debt ceiling and allow a “clean” hike to pass with Democratic votes.

“We’ve had three years of fighting over the debt ceiling, and unfortunately we have not been victorious in many of those fights,” Labrador said Wednesday at a press briefing for conservative lawmakers. “The Democrats can own it. They can explain to the American people why they want to continue to increase the debt without any major reforms. And we can go and tell them that if they get rid of Harry Reid, we will actually make the reforms that are necessary.”

Labrador said he is not opposed to fighting over the debt ceiling in principle, but argued that there isn’t much of a point in fighting if House Leadership is not on board and if Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) refuses to negotiate. “If you know that your leadership already has said that you’re not going to fight on the debt ceiling, why make a false argument to the American people that we are fighting?” he said. ”Every time Harry Reid has said he’s not going to negotiate, he’s followed through on that.” 

“I think we should negotiate, but they’re not willing to negotiate,” Labrador said. “So I’m just thinking, let’s be honest with the American people that we’re not going to get anything this time.”

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