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House Democrats’ Economic Record

The House GOP attacks it in this lengthy document, and there are plenty of rich targets — basically every bill that’s passed the House this year.  A few samples:

Searching for ways to finance an agenda of bigger government, Democrats have advocated dramatic changes in policy that threaten to kill jobs and reduce middle-income families’ disposable income at a time when many are grappling with the rising cost of living and record tax burdens…

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed bills collectively raising taxes by more than $200 billion (over 10 years) in just the first year of Democratic control of Congress (January-December 2007). These and other tax hikes proposed by Democrats threaten more than 16 million American jobs. The revenue from these tax increases will result in bigger government and pork-barrel spending, not deficit reduction or payments on the national debt…

In a sneak attack on American working families, House Democratic leaders on July 25, 2007 revealed plans to pay for new spending in the 2007 Farm Bill by imposing a new tax increase that threatens more than five million American jobs…

Good stuff. On the other hand, there’s also stuff like this:


Maybe that appeals to soccer moms or something. Anyway, if you read far enough, there’s a nice section on Davis-Bacon mandates and how they shut out small and non-unionized contractors (page 54).

I won’t defend the section on how Democrats funded pork instead of bridges because…well, Don Young (R) is still in Congress, isn’t he? (Anyone else remember that giant Transportation Bill that wasted all that money on bicycle paths?) Oh, well. As Novak likes to say, their attacks on the Democrats’ earmarks may be a bit inconsistent, but at least they represent one step in the right direction.


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