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The House GOP

Their new governing agenda will be launched this Thursday morning in Sterling, Virginia.

It strikes me as wise optics to be outside D.C. It suggests you’re not of D.C.

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Republican leaders will lay out the details during a press conference at a hardware story in Sterling following a meeting with small business leaders.

And while the Contract with America was 10 items, this is expected to be about 20.

GOP deputy whip Kevin McCarthy of California has tentatively dubbed the agenda, “A Commitment to America.”

Leaders have described the plan as a “governing agenda” for the top issues facing Americans. And although the House is likely to wrap up its session by the end of this month, Republican leaders are framing this as a list of proposals the House should be voting on before it goes home for the elections.

Republican leaders are scheduled to brief rank-and-file House members Wednesday in Washington on the details of the policy, which CNN is told is still being refined.

The senior GOP source says about two thirds of the items are actual legislative proposals. Other ideas are things GOP believe the House should do, but don’t require a vote. For instance, one item would insist that all House Members get 72 hours to read bills before floor votes.

Proposals similar to Boehner’s plan to freeze all tax rates at current levels for two years and cut spending back to 2008 levels will be included.


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