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House GOP Retreats to Baltimore

Starting tomorrow, House Republicans will retreat to Baltimore for their annual conference. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the House whip, tells National Review Online that GOP leaders will focus on three pressing fiscal issues: the expiration of the continuing resolution to fund the government, the debt limit, and the budget. “We have big challenges in a short time-frame,” he says. “We will shore up where everyone is at.”

Educating members about the details of the “Pledge to America” document is also on the agenda, as is getting feedback on its provisions. “That is where we are going to go, and we want to have input from everybody. Now that we have all the freshmen, it will be good to get refreshed.”

Featured guests will include Gov. Haley Barbour (R., Miss.), Gov. Bob McDonnell (R., Va.), Gov. Rick Perry (R., Texas), former House speaker Newt Gingrich, former senator Phil Gramm, former Bush cabinet official Michael Leavitt, columnist George Will, strategist Frank Luntz, CNBC host Larry Kudlow, and radio host Dennis Prager, among others.


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