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House Headlines

AZ-5: The Arizona Republic: “Mitchell over the bully“; latest poll: Hayworth (R) 47%, Mitchell (D) 46%

CA-4, 11: The New York Times: “Incumbents on the Ropes Over Ties to Abramoff“; AP: “Money flows to Democratic challengers in California House races“; latest poll: CA-4: Doolittle (R) 51%, Brown (D) 41%; CA-11: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CA-11: Contra Costa Times: “Race marked by fundraising fights: Pombo, McNerney campaigns trade accusations related to the nearly two dozen groups in District 11” latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-7: The Denver Post: “National GOP’s focus turns from 7th CD“; Los Angeles Times: “Immigration galvanizes Latino voters: Many in Colorado are angry over the tone and results of the debate as they prepare to decide who’ll fill a House seat“; latest poll: O’Donnell (R) 47%, Perlmutter (D) 47%

CT-2, 4, 5: Wall Street Journal: “A Republican Plan to Limit Losses“; latest poll: CT-2: Simmons (R) 46%, Courtney (D) 44%; CT-4: Shays (R) 43%, Farrell 43%; CT-5: Johnson (R) 40%, Murphy (D) 45%

CT-5: Danbury News Times: “Counting the minutes until Election Day“; latest poll: Johnson (R) 40%, Murphy (D) 45%

FL-13: Sarasota Herald Tribune: “Spirited debate shows differences“; Bradenton Herald: “Forum features D-13 clash: Jennings, Buchanan spar on campaign tactics and financing, Iraq“; latest poll: Buchanan (R) 44%, Jennings (D) 47%

FL-16: AP “Candidates Debate in Foley’s District“; Bloomberg News: “DeLay and Foley, Not Forgotten, Give Democrats Edge“; Sarasota Herald Tribune: “Candidates for Foley seat outline differences“; latest poll: Negron (R) 43%, Mahoney (D) 50%

FL-22: Orlando Sentinel: “Nelson adds another $250,000 to Florida Democrats’ coffers“; Miami Herald: “Democrats leading in key House races: A new poll revealed that possible control of the House has slipped from Republicans’ grasp, as Democrats gained a double-digit lead in 40 districts“; latest poll: Shaw (R) 48%, Klein (D) 43%

IA-1: DesMoines Register: “Whalen loans his campaign $250,000“; latest poll: Whalen (R) 37%, Braley (D) 48%

IN-2: Times Herald-Record: “Fed up with everybody“; latest poll: Chocola (R) 45%, Donnelly (D) 50%

IN-8: Boston Globe: “Attacks on Frank intensify with his star poised to rise“; Washington Blade: “Congressman targets ‘homosexual agenda’ in ad: Indiana Republican warns of voting for opponent“; latest poll: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%

IN-9: Indianapolis Star: “Neck and neck (again), poll says“; latest poll: Sodrel (R) 45%, Hill (D) 47%

NC-11: Asheville Citizen-Times: “Candidates tap into dissent over illegals: Immigration polarizes electorate“; latest poll: Taylor (R) 43%, Shuler (D) 51%

NM-1: AP: “Voters eager for say on Wilson-Madrid race“; latest poll: Wilson (R) 42%, Madrid (D) 45%

NY-20: Oneonta Daily Star: “GOP makes last-minute push for funds“; Glens Falls Post-Star: “For upstate Democrats, Clinton worth the wait“; latest poll: Sweeney (R) 42%, Gillibrand (D) 44%

NY-24: Utica Observer Dispatch: “Arcuri widens fundraising lead over Meier: Donations coming from many corners of U.S.”; latest poll: Meier (R) 42%, Arcuri (D) 53%

NY-25: The New York Times: “Clinton on Campaign Trail for Democratic House Seats“; latest poll: Walsh (R) 43%, Maffei (D) 51%

OH-2: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Campaign notebook: Down ‘n’ dirty, Schmidt calls Wulsin ‘liberal’“; latest poll: Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%

OH-15: CBS News: “Democrats Ready To Take Home The House? Anger Over GOP Scandals, Iraq War Put Democrats In Position To Win Control Of House“; latest poll: Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%

PA-7: AP: “Well-Timed Funding in Tight Races: One Perk of Incumbency Is Cabinet Officials Bearing Checks“;  latest poll: Weldon (R) 44%, Sestak (D) 52%

PA-8: Globe and Mail: “Riding the anti-Republican wave: Democrats buoyed as cranky American voters vent over Iraq war“; latest poll: Fitzpatrick (R) 40%, Murphy (D) 44%

PA-10: Washington Post: “The Year Of Playing Dirtier: Negative Ads Get Positively Surreal“; latest poll: Sherwood (R) 38%, Carney (D) 50%

TX-23: AP: “GOP Rep. Bonilla faces skeptics in Texas“; latest poll: Bonilla (R) 44%, Rodriguez (D) 24%

VA-2: Virginian Pilot: “Undecided voters may hold keys in 2nd District race, poll shows“; latest poll: Drake (R) 48%, Kellam (D) 46%

WA-8: American Spectator: “Warming Under the Collar“; latest poll: Reichert (R) 50%, Burner (D) 47%

WI-8: Green Bay Press Gazette: “8th District candidates stress political differences: Gard, Kagen debate issues at UWGB“; “8th CD Candidates Present a Choice in Final Public Debate“; latest poll: Gard (R) 46%, Kagen (D) 48%

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