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House Headlines

CA-11: Stockton Record: “Groups take aim at Pombo and McNerney with late ad barrage“; Scripps News: “Pombo in a tight contest“; The Modesto Bee: “Pombo awaits first lady, donates $25K“; latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-4: The Coloradoan: “Dueling polls may lure Bush to region: Candidates each claim momentum as race hits final days“; latest poll: Musgrave (R) 42%, Paccione (D) 45%

CT-2: Norwich Bulletin: “Latino vote may shake up House race“; latest poll: Simmons (R) 50%, Courtney (D) 43%

CT-4: Greenwich Time: “Old foes renew battle for House“; Stamford Advocate: “4th U.S. House District: Contentious, expensive race in 2nd round“; latest poll: Shays (R) 43%, Farrell (D) 47%

CT-5: Concord Monitor: “Go ahead, vote for that old yellow dog“; The Day: “Democrats Mount Stiff Challenges In New Polls: Murphy, Farrell running strong as battle for the House intensifies“; latest poll: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

FL-16: Washington Times: “Former Republicans campaign as Democrats“; Palm Beach Daily News: “Negron, Mahoney trade verbal barbs“; latest poll: Negron (R) 45%, Mahoney (D) 50%

IL-6: Chicago Tribune: “Governor defensive on wife’s business“; latest poll: Roskam (R) 46%, Duckworth (D) 42%

IN-2: AP: “McCain: Ind. Race to Be Closely Watched“; Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Campaign 2006: Now, it’s personal: Parties’ attack ads ramp up the intensity“; latest poll: Chocola (R) 45%, Donnelly (D) 50%

IN-9: Indiana Student: “Candid candidate“; Sodrel (R) 45%, Hill (D) 47%

KY-2: AP: “First lady to campaign for Lewis in Kentucky“; latest poll: Lewis (R) 50%, Weaver (D) 42%

KY-4: Louisville Courier-Journal: “Davis, Lucas turn up heat in 4th District: Race is one that may swing House“; latest poll: Davis (R) 46%, Lucas (D) 44%

MN-1: Winona Daily News: “Big names in state stop in Winona“; latest poll: Gutknecht (R) 48%, Walz (D) 47%

MN-6: KARE 11 News: “High-profile politicians head to Minnesota this week“; latest poll: Bachmann (R) 49%, Wetterling (D) 43%

NC-11: USA Today: “Ex-NFL players Swann, Shuler seek comebacks as political stars“; latest poll: Taylor (R) 43%, Shuler (D) 51%

NV-2: Nevada Appeal: “A conservative’s view of the election“; latest poll: Heller (R) 48%, Derby (D) 40%

NY-24: News 10 Now: “Battleground NY: Political battle looms Nov. 7“; latest poll: Meier (R) 42%, Arcuri (D) 53%

NY-26: AP: “Page scandal shadows House rematch in New York“; latest poll: Reynolds (R) 50%, Davis (D) 45%

OH-1, 2: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Mud flies, issues get slighted: Negative campaign ads dominate more than ever“; latest poll: OH-1: Chabot (R) 40%, Cranley (D) 49%; OH-2: Schmidt (R) 48%, Wulsin (D)40%

PA-4: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Big guns aimed at Hart-Altmire race: First lady campaigns for GOP, Sen. Patrick Leahy for Democrats“; AP: “Laura Bush stumps in Pa.”; Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “First lady stumps for GOP“; latest poll: Hart (R) 46%, Altmire (D) 42%

PA-7:  New York Times: “Italian Arms Contractor and a Pennsylvania Congressman Share Close Ties“; Philadelphia Daily News: “When a bomb drops during an election“; latest poll: Weldon (R) 43%, Sestak (D) 50%

TX-22: Washington Post: “Bush Says ‘America Loses’ Under Democrats: White House Talk Heats Up As Polls Show Tight Races“; Washington Times: “GOP staples restored to Bush campaigning“; New York Times: “Though Not on the Ballot, Bush Campaigns Like a Candidate in Georgia and Texas“; Houston Chronicle: “Bush tells voters to pencil in candidate

President lends Sekula-Gibbs a hand during Sugar Land rally“; “Lampson meets with voters at house party: A low-key day for Democrat as camp downplays president’s visit“; latest poll: Sekula-Gibbs (R) 28%, Lampson (D) 36%

TX-23: Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Bush family aiding campaign push“; latest poll: Bonilla (R) 44%, Rodriguez (D) 24%

VA-2: Virginian Pilot: “New poll shows Kellam with a slight advantage“; latest poll: Drake (R) 46%, Kellam (D) 44%

WA-8: King County Journal: “Dave Reichert disputes claims he’s just a clone of Bush“; latest poll: Reichert (R) 50%, Burner (D) 47%

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