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AZ-5: East Valley Tribune: “Hayworth flexes political muscle“; Arizona Central: “Dems outpace GOP in funding: But will 4-1 ratio translate to wins?”; latest poll: Hayworth (R) 47%, Mitchell (D) 46%

AZ-8: Arizona Daily Star: “Graf campaign gets a visit from Hastert“; latest poll: Graf (R) 41%, Giffords (D) 53%

CA-4, 11: San Jose Mercury News: “GOP rushing to aid lawmakers in California“; latest poll: CA-4: Doolittle (R) 51%, Brown (D) 41%; CA-11: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CA-11: The Independent: “Republican stronghold in California at risk as environmentalists go on the attack“; Inside Bay Area News: “Poll says tie for Pombo, McNerney: Race has become an unexpected tossup“; latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-4: The Coloradoan: “Attack ads besiege race for 4th“; Greeley Tribune: “Musgrave-Paccione race a toss-up, analyst says“; ”Bush is coming to town“; latest poll: Musgrave (R) 42%, Paccione (D) 45%

CO-7: New York Times: “Democrats Discover New Political Frontier“; “In Their Own Words“; AP: “Perlmutter Denounces GOP Mailer In 7th District“; latest poll: O’Donnell (R) 40%, Perlmutter (D) 54%

CT-2: The Day: “Simmons, Courtney Running A Tight Race: Poll gives 2nd District challenger a slight lead“; AP: “Poll: Dead heat in 2nd District race“; latest poll: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%

CT-4: AP: “Lieberman Push for GOP Votes May Aid GOP“; latest poll: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%

CT-2, 4, 5: Washington Times: “Who wants it and who doesn’t“; Washington Post: “Campaigner in Chief Has Limited Reach: An Unpopular President Avoids Many Key Races“; Bloomberg News: “Republicans Focus on Connecticut, Florida as Campaign Expands“; latest poll: CT-2: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%; CT-4: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%; CT-5 Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

FL-13: Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “GOP helps Buchanan, but offers little cash“; latest poll: Buchanan (R) 41%, Jennings (D) 52%

FL-16: Tampa Bay Newspapers: “GOP’s logic: To reject Foley, vote for him“; Bloomberg News: “Florida Republicans Pin Hopes on Bush’s Aura — Jeb’s, That Is“; latest poll: Negron (R) 43%, Mahoney (D) 50%

IA-1: MSNBC: “Kerry cancels 3 campaign events after remarks: Senator won’t make appearances with Dem candidates following uproar“; latest poll: Whalen (R) 42%, Braley (D) 49%

IL-6: Christian Broadcasting Network: “Taking Back the House in Illinois?”; latest poll: Roskam (R) 40%, Duckworth (D) 54%

IN-2: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “McCain hits trail for Hoosier Republicans“; AP: “McCain: Chocola-Donnelly race will be watched closely“; latest poll: Chocola (R) 39%, Donnelly (D) 52%

IN-8: Reuters: “Middle-income group feels squeeze in election“; Bloomberg News: “Mavericks Help House Democrats’ Election Prospects, Hurt Unity“; latest poll: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%

IN-9: Washington Times: “Stump gets a dusting of Snow“; latest poll: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

MN-1: Mankato Free Press: “Gutknecht: GOP won’t lose this election: Six-term incumbent confident“; Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Gutknecht a strong voice for rural Minnesota“; Bloomberg News: ”Kerry Events Cut as Democrats Criticize Iraq Remark (Update1)“; latest poll: Gutknecht (R) 48%, Walz (D) 47%

NC-11: Charlotte Observer: “Taylor, in a tight race, turns to a fashionable pick: First lady, with higher approval rating than president, campaigns“; latest poll: Taylor (R) 43%, Shuler (D) 48%

NH-2: Concord Monitor: “Race tightens in the home stretch: Candidates running closer in many polls“; Union Leader: “Bass hits Hodes on spending, health care, taxes“; Nashua Telegraph: “It’s a dead heat in congressional race“; latest poll: Bass (R) 39%, Hodes (R) 48%

NJ-7: Bernardsville News: “Voters face many choices in Nov. 7 election“; latest poll: Ferguson (R) 48%, Stender (D) 33%

NM-1: The Hill Newspaper: “Rep. Wilson getting help from debate, 5-foot duck“; Albuquerque Tribune: “Wilson adopts GOP national strategy; New ads forgo her independent stance from the president“; KOBTV News: “GOP and Dems roll big guns into NM“; latest poll: Wilson (R) 44%, Madrid (D) 53%

NY-20: Poughkeepsie Journal: “Democrats think Sweeney vulnerable: Incumbent banks on recognition“; latest poll: Sweeney (R) 40%, Gillibrand (D) 43%

NY-25: Los Angeles Times: “A harvest-time feel in N.Y.:Democrats running strong see it as a place to pluck House seats“; latest poll: Walsh (R) 44%, Maffei (D) 42%

NY-26: New York Sun: “Snowstorm May Improve Reynolds’s Re-Election Chances“; Buffalo News: “Questions raised on aide to Reynolds“; latest poll: Reynolds (R) 50%, Davis (D) 45%

NY-29: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: “Local incumbents greatly outspending challengers“; latest poll: Kuhl (R) 40%, Massa (D) 52%

OH-15: Columbus Dispatch: “Parties urge faithful to vote: Democrats trying to match GOP’s turnout prowess“; latest poll: Pryce (R) 41%, Kilroy (D) 53%

PA-6: Philadelphia Inquirer: “Independent? Well, it depends: Some in the GOP aren’t voting along party lines – but only when there is nothing at stake“; Pottstown Mercury: “Jim Gerlach endorsed for proven record in 6th Congressional Dist.“; latest poll: Gerlach (R) 44%, Murphy (D) 49%

PA-7: Delaware County Times: “Weldon, Sestak spending millions on 7th district race“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Ads for Weldon scaled back by GOP committee“; latest poll: Weldon (R) 43%, Sestak (D) 50%

PA-8: Philadelphia Inquirer: “In Bucks, a nail-biter: U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick and Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy are furiously stumping for any edge“; latest poll: Fitzpatrick (R) 47%, Murphy (D) 49%

PA-10: Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “Campaign Countdown: Military report card holds some surprises“; latest poll: Sherwood (R) 38%, Carney (D) 47%

TX-22, 23: AP: “Possible 5.6 million Latinos to cast ballots: Largest portion expected in Texas, biggest increase in Colorado“; latest poll: TX-22: Sekula-Gibbs (R) 28%, Lampson (D) 36%; TX-23: Bonilla (R) 44%, Rodriguez (D) 24%

WA-8: USA Today: “8th District battle in Washington a surprising tossup“; latest poll: Gard (R) 43%, Kagen (D) 43%

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