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House Headlines

AZ-5: San Francisco Chronicle: “In Arizona, GOP finds the issue of immigration no help at polls“; latest poll: Hayworth (R) 46%, Mitchell (D) 48%

CA-4: Sacramento Bee: “Brown e-mail resurfaces: ‘04 message blasted ‘war of occupation/aggression’“; latest poll: Doolittle (R) 51%, Brown (D) 41%

CA-11: Sacramento Bee: “Daniel Weintraub: Local races reflect Republican woes nationally“; AP: “Bill Clinton stumps for Proposition 87, Democrats in California“; San Francisco Chronicle: “5 Days to Go: Clinton lends star power to state Dems“; latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-7: Christian Science Monitor: “Republicans in uphill slog in Colorado: National parties are shifting resources as once-safe GOP districts come into play“; Rocky Mountain News: “Clinton: Grab voters by the hand“; Denver Post: “Bill Clinton: Republicans crossing over“; 9News: “Former President Clinton visits Colorado on campaign trail“; latest poll: O’Donnell (R) 40%, Perlmutter (D) 54%

CT-4: New York Times: “Center Is No Longer So Safe for Connecticut Republican“; latest poll: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%

CT-5: Washington Post: “A Taxing Time for the GOP: Connecticut Incumbent Struggles to Make Economy a Winning Issue“; Hartford Courant: “Democrats Stay On Centrist Theme“; latest poll: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

FL-13: Bradenton Herald: “Led by Buchanan and Jennings, District 13 race’s funds likely to top $13M“; Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Some see women as key to control of Congress“; latest poll: Buchanan (R) 41%, Jennings (D) 52%

FL-16: New York Times: “Strong Push to Keep Foley’s Seat“; Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Contest to replace Foley called toss-up“; Palm Beach Post: “Mahoney denies his business cut health insurance“; Houston Chronicle: “Florida race thrust into spotlight by fall of Foley“; TCPalm: “Mahoney confident he can win in Martin County“; latest poll: Negron (R) 43%, Mahoney (D) 50%

IA-1: Washington Post: “Politics That Go Against the Grain: In Iowa’s 1st District, Voters Zero In on the War and Ethics“; DesMoines Register: “Candidates clash in 1st District as race nears end: Mike Whalen and Bruce Braley talk about taxes and federal spending“; Boston Globe: “Kerry voices regret, stops campaigning“; latest poll: Whalen (R) 42%, Braley (D) 49%

IL-6: NBC5 News: “First Lady Stumps In Chicago: Laura Bush Shows Support In 6th, 8th Districts“; latest poll: Roskam (R) 40%, Duckworth (D) 54%

IN-2, 8, 9: Washington Times: “Indiana voters teeter between red, blue“; latest poll: IN-2: Chocola (R) 39%, Donnelly (D) 52%; IN-8: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%; IN-9: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

IN-8: 14 WFIE News: “14 News Talks with 8th District Candidates“; latest poll: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%

IN-9: Indiana Daily Student: “House candidates denounce negative campaigning during debate: Hill, Sodrel differ on setting deadlines in Iraq“; AP: “Sodrel, Hill In 9th District Congressional Debate“; Indianapolis Star: “Key campaign strategy? Get voters to polls: National, state groups pouring time and money into crucial congressional races“; latest poll: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

KY-2: New York Times: “Luring Lapsed Democrats in Kentucky“; Lexington Herald-Leader: “Laura Bush calls Lewis ‘a champion’“; AP: “Laura Bush campaigns for Lewis: First lady says he saved Ft. Knox“; latest poll: Lewis (R) 55%, Weaver (D) 35%

KY-3: Louisville Courier-Journal: “Candidate profile: Anne Northup: Five-term House member defends her independence“; latest poll: Northrup (R) 48%, Yarmuth 42%

KY-4: Florence Recorder: “Congressional candidates on“; latest poll: Davis (R) 42%, Lucas (D) 45%

MN-1: Mankato Free Press: “Walz kerrys on without senator: Democrat’s rally draws 300 to Taylor Center“; latest poll: Gutknecht (R) 48%, Walz (D) 47%

MN-6: Rolling Stone: “Taking Back the House: Wetterling Dreams“; latest poll: Bachmann (R) 52%, Wetterling (D) 42%

NH-2: Nashua Telegraph: ”Health care, war hot topics for gaining Hodes“; Union Leader: ”Granite Status: Has Kerry “botched” NH Dems’ hopes?“; latest poll: Bass (R) 39%, Hodes (D) 48%

NM-1: Weekly Standard: “Showdown in Albuquerque: Republican Heather Wilson tries to hold on to New Mexico’s 1st district seat“; AP: “Iraq, Bush Trouble for N.M. Candidate“; Albuquerque Tribune: “Iraq might be defining issue of race“; KOBTV News: “Zogby puts Madrid over Wilson by nine points“; latest poll: Wilson (R) 44%, Madrid (D) 53%

NY-24: Rolling Stone: “Taking Back the House: Wagering on Wages“; latest poll: Meier (R) 42%, Arcuri (D) 53%

NY-29: Buffalo News: “Happy days for New York Dems“; Elmira Star-Gazette: “Kuhl focuses on concerns of district: First-term congressman looks for victory on Tuesday“; latest poll: Kuhl (R) 40%, Massa (D) 52%

OH-1,2,15,18: New York Times: “Concentration of Competitive Races Puts Ohio at Center of Midterm Battle“; latest poll: OH-1: Chabot (R) 40%, Cranley (D) 49%; OH-2 Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%; OH-15: Pryce (R) 41%, Kilroy (D) 53%; OH-18: Padgett (R) 33%, Space (D) 53%

OH-2: Reuters: “Democrats find religion, churchgoing voters“; latest poll: Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%

OH-15: Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Ohio GOP fights for its life in Congress“; Columbus Dispatch: “Pryce, Kilroy in a sprint to Election Day finish line“; latest poll: Pryce (R) 41%, Kilroy (D) 53%

PA-7: Pottstown Mercury: “Sestak endorsed to bring change to 7th District“; latest poll: Weldon (R) 43%, Sestak (D) 50%

PA-10: Scranton Times-Tribune: “Signs suggest Sherwood struggling to raise funds“; latest poll: Sherwood (R) 38%, Carney (D) 47%

VA-2: Virginia Daily Press: “The House races: Sometimes, instead of an endorsement, you get a lamentation“; Virginian Pilot: “Warner to voters: Elect a Democratic Congress“; latest poll: Drake (R) 51%, Kellam (D) 43%


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