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AZ-8: Arizona Daily Star: ”Giffords hits Graf on medical issues“; Independent Online: “How the immigrant card stopped working for Arizona’s Republicans“; Arizona Range News: “CD 8 poll: Giffords’ lead over Graf decreases“; Cox News Service: “Immigration ads accusing Democrats of leniency“; latest poll: Graf (R) 41%, Giffords (D) 52%

CA-4: Washington Post: “Foreign Lobbies Took the Guise Of Nonprofits“; latest poll: Doolittle (R) 51%, Brown (D) 41%

CA-11: Stanford Review: “East Bay Could Be California’s Closest Congressional Battleground“; Alameda Times-Star: “Pombo’s run endangered by animal activist groups“; Contra Costa Times: “Same trail, two paths“; latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-4: Denver Post: “Bush, Cheney to cover Colorado“; latest poll: Musgrave (R) 42%, Paccione (D) 45%

CT-2,4,5: Hartford Courant: “Election Ad Sales Smash Record: Campaigns Spending At Least $40 Million“; latest poll: CT-2: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%; CT-4: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%; CT-5: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

CT-2: Norwich Bulletin: “Our view: Courtney is best choice in 2nd District“; “Health care at top of voters’ concerns“; latest poll: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%

CT-4: Stamford Times: “Doubts cloud horizon of Shays’ campaign as vote nears“; Westport News: “Candidates Energized“; Westport Now: “Danbury News-Times Endorses Farrell“; Ridgefield Press: “Shays is an outstanding representative, says columnist“; Greenwich Time: “Calls waiting Candidates’ messages get nuisance tag“; latest poll: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%

CT-5: New Britain Herald: ”Johnson honored, bashes Murphy’s campaign“; latest poll: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

FL-13: Charlotte Sun-Herald: “Watchdog group seeks to limit campaign spending“; latest poll: Buchanan (R) 41%, Jennings (D) 52%

FL-16: AP: “Voters Won’t See Report on Foley Scandal“; Miami Herald: “State Democrats hope to match ‘well-oiled’ GOP machine“; Charlotte Sun-Herald: “Negron blasted for flip on medical bill“; latest poll: Negron (R) 43%, Mahoney (D) 50%

IA-1: Sioux City Journal: “First lady campaigns in Waterloo“; latest poll: Whalen (R) 42%, Braley (D) 49%

IN-2, 8, 9: Washington Times: “Iraq war moves GOP into unsafe territory“; latest poll: IN-2: Chocola (R) 47%, Donnelly (D) 50%; IN-8: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%; IN-9: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

IN-9: AP: “Sodrel and Hill face off again“; Boston Globe: “War tests voter loyalty in Bible Belt“; latest poll: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

KY-3: Louisville Courier-Journal: “Northup, Yarmuth camps get late boost from parties“; latest poll: Northup (R) 44%, Yarmuth (D) 52%

MN-1: St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Your opinion of Congress? Ouch: Widespread dissatisfaction expected to help Democrats“; Mankato Free Press: “Our View: Ignore the Kerry distraction“; latest poll: Gutknecht (R) 48%, Walz (D) 47%

MN-6: St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Tragedies hand both candidates a tough year Missing son, Parkinson’s overshadow race“; latest poll: Bachmann (R) 52%, Wetterling (D) 42%

NH-2: Boston Globe: “Congressional races may make N.H. swing state“; AP: “Local races expected to lure N.H. voters“; Union Leader: “In House races, poll shows Democrats surging“; Nashua Telegraph: ”N.H. poll bad news for 2 in House“; Darthmouth: “Democrats, Republicans hit streets as voting nears“; latest poll: Bass (R) 47%, Hodes (D) 44%

NM-1: AP: ”Clinton (Bill) stumps for Madrid at late Albuquerque rally“; latest poll: Wilson (R) 44%, Madrid (D) 53%

NY-20: AP: “Republicans fear powerful N.Y. Democrats“; latest poll: Sweeney (R) 40%, Gillibrand (D) 43%

NY-25: Bloomberg News: “Soros Bumped as Top Political Giver by Swift-Boat Group’s Perry“; latest poll: Walsh (R) 44%, Maffei (D) 42%

NY-26: Buffalo News: “Davis running solitary campaign: Reynolds picks up business support“; latest poll: Reynolds (R) 50%, Davis (D) 45%

OH-1,2: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Incumbents usually win, but …Iraq war, scandals, gas prices cut into presumed safe edge“; latest poll: OH-1: Chabot (R) 40%, Cranley (D) 49%; OH-2: Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%

OH-15: CBN News: “Corruption Scandals Plague Ohio Races“; Columbus Dispatch: “Shamansky, Kilroy pledge to help bring troops home“; latest poll: Pryce (R) 41%, Kilroy (D) 53%

OH-18: Columbus Dispatch: “Space has sizable lead, poll says: Padgett campaign says big turnout will provide comeback“; latest poll: Padgett (R) 33%, Space (D) 53%

PA-7: Seattle Times: “Making an issue out of scandal“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Sestak unleashes turnout machine“; latest poll: Weldon (R) 43%, Sestak (D) 50%

PA-10: Sayre Morning Times: “The Race for the 10th Congressional District Seat: Sherwood pledges to continue to work hard for Bradford County“; latest poll: Sherwood (R) 38%, Carney (D) 47%

TX-22: Reuters: “Race for DeLay seat turns into tight Texas contest“; Houston Chronicle: “Campaigns try to read minds of early voters“; latest poll: Sekula-Gibbs (R) 285, Lampson (D) 36%

WA-8: Wall Street Journal: “Blues Project: Depressed voters may roll the dice on the Democrats“; Seattle Post Intelligencer: “Negative ads target viable challengers“; latest poll: Reichert (R) 50%, Burner (D) 47%

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