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House Leadership

Jeb Hensarling will be on Laura Ingraham’s show at 10:30 EST. I wouldn’t be suprised if leadership race to come comes up.

Hensarling is a Pence’s ally and his #2 at RSC. If Pence goes for Leader — which I’d bet money on — I’d expect young, conservative Hensarling to play a major role in Pence’s campaign.

One top house source tells me: “[Pence] believes the GOP must recommit to the principles and vision of Ronald Reagan in order to successfully take back the majority.”

But do expect a fight. I’d put money on Boehner running, though I’d advise him against. (But who the heck would listen to my political advice this morning?)

On the Whip front, look for Shadegg to reappear.


Don’t expect any announcements though until Hastert has stepped aside, as expected.


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