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House-Leadership Musings

I like a lot of Mark Levin’s thoughts on the House-leadership race.

The way I see it, despite all the calls and talking going on this week, my stubborn position is the race has not even begun until members are back in town next week (Monday). The actual vote isn’t until Friday. Much can happen before then. So I just hate the attitude that the race is over. Because it shouldn’t be. They have much to debate, discuss, and candidates to hear out. And there are members who want to have that debate.

(Of course, I said Pennsylvania voters should look at the Senate race that way … and look how many listened to K-Lo.)

And then there’s my fantasy House leadership call – which ain’t that fantasy. As Mark says, “Eric Cantor shouldn’t be overlooked.” I’d love to see Cantor go for Leader (speaking of stubborn, it’s been my position since January). Do I think he would? Probably not seems to be the consensus. But if they decided they want and need fresh faces from the “Young Turk” crowd, Cantor fits the bill, is well-liked, and would totally shake things up – most certainly by putting to rest the idea the race is over already.

There would be problems in my fantasy race — would Pence bow out if Cantor ran? Probably not. Though if he became convinced it would be best thing for conservative leadership, maybe?

That’s not to count out Pence, Shadegg, or anyone else today. And folks say Adam Putnam gets conference but like Mark I think Marsha Blackburn’s worth paying attention to (who I interviewed earlier in the week here). 

Anyway, my main Friday theme: It’s not over ‘till it’s over. And certainly not an entire week before the actual election.


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