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House Minority Leader Asks Excellent Question

You may recall some of us pointing out that the executive order Bart Stupak secured during the health-care fight was meaningless. One clue as to its meaninglessness is that it was agreed to even as the president and the speaker claimed the legislation had nothing to do with and did not include anything abortion-related.

So yesterday, at the White House, John Boehner asked about how exactly things are coming along with that executive order. About a month ago, he asked the same question in an unanswered letter to the secretary of health and human services: “Has the Department provided guidance to states to implement the president’s Executive Order on abortions? When does the Administration expect to issue the directive on abortions? Will the new federal high-risk pools touted by the Administration also ensure that abortions will not be covered? Millions of Americans care deeply about this aspect of the new law and its implementation, and no progress report is complete without detailed information about it.”

To anyone still wondering what “pro-life Democrats” got out of compromising with the White House, these non-responses scream, ”Nothing.”

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