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House scorecard Disclaimer/explanation

We’re starting another scorecard for the House polls. We are following every Republican seat that is rated by the Cook Political Report as a “toss-up,” “lean Republican,” or “lean Democratic.” A few cautionary notes. It is harder to get good polling in House districts and there are a lot of partisan polls out there. Also, some of the polls are pretty old. So the data is not as good as what’s in the Senate boxscore. We warn you to be cautious about the over-all shift-in-seats number at the top (currently 25; Dems need 15 to take control). It is merely a snap-shot of the latest publicly available polls (plus, Republicans might manage to pick off a Democratic-held seat or two). You are welcome to make of it what you will. Our only purpose is to provide an easy-to-read guide to the latest polling. Finally, we will be posting only the very latest poll results in the Corner–for the last week in the version you’re about to see–but if you click for “Complete House Results” you’ll see all 48 races. We’ll try to provide some commentary about how to interpret the numbers. One thing that jumps out in the current number is that Tom Reynolds, who had taken such a hit in the immediate aftermath of the Foley scandal, is leading again in his race. As always, any suggestions are welcome. Enjoy…

UPDATE: House Scorecard will be posted shortly…

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