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House stuff

From a well-informed e-mailer on this post from yesterday:

Read your latest dispatch on House races. The Republicans put a lot of lipstick on the pig.

First, here’s a sobering assessment on New Hampshire. Bass seem irretrievable. Bradley’s under 50.

I think the issue is less whether Heather Wilson wins — she very well might — but more on whether JD Hayworth, Pombo, Chabot, WI-8, Northup and MN-6 wash away.

The other issue is whether R incumbents below 50 but slightly ahead in their polls can pull it out. Just a little push and they’re gone.

This e-mailer adds on Kate’s excellent post from a GOP guru:

On Kate’s post, it again talks of the competitive races. I think the gop’s biggest problem is in races that have become close only recently.