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First, some errata. (Note to aspiring bloggers: Best to let a few of these stack up & acknowledge ‘em all in one posting. That way you don’t look quite so bad. I hope.)

A Derb Radio error: Steny Hoyer is white, a reader tells me. Is he? Yep . Rats.

A football error: “John—Quick note so you can ‘speak football’ like a long time fan. It’s a uniform, not a ‘kit.’ I’m sure I’m not the first to point this out.”

Got it. This reader then continues: ” Been reading ‘The Heritage of Britain’ book you recommended a few moths back. Got it used through a UK service. It is truly fantastic.”

It is indeed. Here is the recommendation again: What do they say about Oliver Cromwell? Well, they try to be judicious & non-controversial, as is proper for a book of this sort. The Cromwell material, I think it’s fair to say, leaves a generally unfavorable impression though: “His ambition was to unite the nation, but his reliance on armed force only divided it further.” However, they give proper credit to the man’s military genius: “Like all great commanders, Cromwell had the ability to inspire his troops with his own zeal. When he raised his regiments, he looked for recruits who ‘being well armed, within by satisfaction of their consciences and without by good iron arms, they would as one man stand firmly and charge desperately.’”


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