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Couple of matters arising from the weekend’s Radio Derb broadcast:

[1]  Chicago listeners are up in arms over my saying that Wonder Boy lives in a “suburb.” He doesn’t live in a “suburb,” they tell me, he lives in a “neighborhood.” Scoffs one listener: “People who are that crazy about power don’t live in suburbs.” Eh? The Clintons do. Yeah, yeah …

[2]  Those sneaker-clad feet that keep washing up near Vancouver: There was a report of a sixth foot, but it turned out to be some kind of hoax. A lot of bizarre theories going round the internet, not all of them involving the Peking Olympics.

[3]  The “Ikea schools“: Chorus of approval here from listeners, everybody pretty much fed up with the K-12 school racket system. Steve Sailer has a very good piece on this today. Why isn’t Steve pulling down a seven-digit salary at some university or think tank? Oh, right.

[4]  Irish jigs. Got your feet a-tappin’ there, didn’t we? More on this later — gotta go …


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