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How Can You Save the Males in Women’s Studies?

Over the weekend, I went to the Georgetown Barnes & Noble to purchase a copy of Kathleen Parker’s Save the Males to give a male. Silly me thought it would be a quick in and out. Her book is new. Her book is provocative. Her book has a great cover. It’s bound to be on the new non-fiction table, right by the door and register, right? As if. It was upstairs in the social-science section. Which is better than the gender-studies section, where a friend reported finding it at a Borders (I think it was a Borders). And at least I got a copy — Books-a-Million in McLean, Virginia, was sold out of Save the Males.

There are so many books published every year. It’s hard to stand out in the overcrowded bookshelves. Readers must unite to help highlight the good ones, the stores sure won’t.

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