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How The Commissioner Should Have Handled Clarke

I agree completely with this email.


“I liked your column.

I wish the commissioners at the hearing had handled Clarke a little differently. Once Clarke claimed (which he did) that all the statements he made in 2002 were ‘truthful’, I would have siezed the opportunity to go through each of the 7 pro-Bush statements in the 2002 briefing one by one, getting him to admit (again) that each statement was true when he said it in 2002, and is equally true today. Then I might have dismissed him by saying that I had no more questions for this witness.

To the extent his real bitch is the subsequent Iraq war, fine, he’s entitled to his policy views and he’s also entitled to assert them forcefully, like any American. But that’s not the issue before this Commission. What he should not be permitted to do is create a false impression that George Bush was somehow less interested in terrorism than the Clinton White House had been.”


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