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How the “Curse” Red Sox Shirt Was Discovered

The New York Post reveals it today:

Billy DiCristina, 27, a carpenter from Bensonhurst, had just watched the Rangers playoff game at the Bean Post Pub early last Thursday morning, when a fellow patron with whom he was vaguely acquainted told the story of a Red Sox jersey that had been buried in an effort to curse the Stadium.

“I asked him about it, and at first I thought he was breaking my chops,” DiCristina told The Post. “But when he said he was ‘dead serious,’ I went crazy. I was furious. I said, ‘We have to get that Boston garbage out of our Stadium’ ”

“Give me The Post,” DiCristina shouted to the bartender, and began dialing every number he could find on Page 2, including the circulation and customer service departments.

He ended up leaving a series of slurred, rambling, giggling messages on the voice mail of one reporter who had recently written about the stadium, calling it an “anonymous tip.”

“I had had a few too many I guess, and I forgot to leave my phone number,” he said yesterday.


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