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How Dare He?

Boston Herald opens a can of whup-ass on Al Gore. Here’s the kicker:

Gore even had the audacity to defend the perpetrators of the prison abuse – by name – while denouncing President Bush [related, bio] for “humiliating” our nation.

How dare he. How dare a former vice president of the United States go beyond disagreeing with the current president’s policies – a right of anyone in this free country – and denounce Bush as “incompetent.”

How dare Gore say that Americans have an “innate vulnerability to temptation… to use power to abuse others.” And that our own “internal system of checks and balances cannot be relied upon” to curb such abuse.

And this man – who apparently has so much disdain for the nature of the American people – wanted to be elected to lead it?

It is Gore who has brought dishonor to his party and to his party’s nominee. The real disgrace is that this repugnant human being once held the second highest office in this great land.


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