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How Did I Miss This?

The New York Times has assigned a full-time reporter to cover, well, us. Seriously, the Times will have a dedicated reporter to cover “conservatives.” Now I don’t know David Kirkpatrick much beyond his byline so he might do a great job. But I can’t help but get that old-time

<a href="

” target=”_blank”> gorillas-in-the-mist vibe again where reporters trek out into the wilds of conservatism to explain who we are. But Bill Keller, the Times executive editor, says that’s not the case: “I winced a little when I read that job announcement,” he told the NY Observer “because it was a little like ‘The New York Times discovers this strange, alien species called conservatives,’ and that’s not what this is about.”

I’ll take his word for it. For now. Still, I can’t wait for my own media embed. Kirkpatrick can hangount in my office with Cosmo the Wonderdog staring at him like he’s a daytime burglar just out of reach. We’ll split a pizza.

(Note to Kirkpatrick: Cosmo is the “it” dog of the American right)