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How Did We Get Here?

This is a fair criticism of the ticket:

You said:

“I was surprised she didn’t draw contrast on the reasons we’re in this financial mess. The campaign really needs to listen to more talk radio.”

I could not agree more. Clearly the McCain camp is intentionally avoiding the “donkey in the living room” and instructing Sarah to do the same.

One reason I was so excited about the addition of Sarah Palin was the belief that she and Senator McCain were going to “shake things up in Washington” and “name names”. If they cannot shake things up and name names with this Fanny/Freddie debacle how can I take their pledge to reform seriously?

Gov Palin did a good job in the rest of the interview but that is not enough to overcome the aforementioned flaw. If they do not hammer the left for this financial meltdown Obama will be the next President.

If they are going to be “mavericks,” stop using the m word and be one. Make a change. Name some names. Cite that YouTube everyone with an Internet connection has seen of Dems defending Raines. Rein them in.

UPDATE: Another e-mail:


I appreciate the sentiment from your emailer who is chagrined that the ticket has not “named names.”

The matter is not if but when. The time to name names will commence as soon as the bailout/rescue package is signed into law.

Senator McCain nearly jumped the gun in his eagerness to name names on Monday. He gave a speech at mid-morning that was very direct and targeted at Senator Obama and his role in the financial crisis. It appeared to me that he thought the House would pass the bailout package.

Later, when it was learned that the House wasn’t going to pass the package, he was castigated by the media for not being bipartisan hence adding to the House GOP members voting “no.”

Thereafter, McCain changed back to the bipartisan banter as appropriate.

Believe me, McCain is eager to dig into the naming names argument. He is so eager that he nearly jumped the gun. Once the package is approved this week, the sleeves will be rolled up.


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