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How Dishonest Is Hillary? Voters Now View Trump as More Truthful

In the race to the bottom, Hillary has suddenly taken the lead:

A 59 percent majority of likely voters disapprove of Clinton’s handling of questions about her use of personal email while secretary of state. This number, however, is no higher than the 60 percent who disapproved just over one week ago, before the FBI’s announcement Friday that it may examine additional emails after previously closing its investigation in June.

However, Trump has opened up an eight-point advantage over Clinton on which candidate is more honest and trustworthy, leading 46 to 38 percent among likely voters. The two candidates were tied on this measure the last time a Post-ABC poll asked the question in September; when asked individually, past polls found majorities seeing each candidate as dishonest.

It turns out that when you spend days and days pitching a fit about being under FBI investigation, you end up reminding people that you’re under FBI investigation. I’m not sure that her high-profile, very angry attack on the FBI is paying quite the dividends she expects. After all, most people still trust law enforcement, and attacks on the FBI tend to play better with her already-committed progressive base than with the rest of the public. Essentially, her argument against Comey boils down to “how dare he tell the public the truth.” It’s not a message calculated to build trust. No wonder Americans are growing tired of her act.


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