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How Does Herman Cain Define ‘Moderate’?

Herman Cain says the Democrats he has supported in the past were “all moderate Democrats.” I was surprised to find my congressman, Rep. Jose Serrano, on that list. Is he a “moderate Democrat”? Let’s ask National Journal:

Serrano has one of the most liberal voting records in the House. 

Egad. That does not sound like “moderate Democrat” to me. But let’s look at the details:


In opposition to Cuban Hispanics in Congress, Serrano has been Fidel Castro’s greatest champion in the House. He has sought repeal of economic sanctions against Cuba. When questions arose about Castro’s future after major surgery in July 2006, Serrano issued a press release telling President George W. Bush, “Hands Off Cuba.” When Castro’s brother, Raúl Castro, took control, Serrano said that it was “long past time to end the charade and begin dialogue and engagement with Cuba.” Another of his issues is statehood for Puerto Rico, which he calls an American “colony.” He backs a long-stalled referendum to determine the status of the island. In 2000, Serrano was arrested at the White House while protesting the Navy’s bombing range at Vieques, Puerto Rico. He also took credit for working with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Citizen Energy Corp. to strike a deal to bring cheaper oil to the South Bronx. He has criticized the reluctance of House Democratic leaders to pass immigration reform.

In New York politics, Serrano backed former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer for mayor in 2001 and 2005. He backed civil-rights activist Al Sharpton for president in 2004

Moderate? Maybe among a crowd of Occupy Wall Street Froot Loops. But Mr. Cain is a big-picture kind of guy, I suppose. Coddling Castro? Buddying up to Chavez? Minutiae!

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