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How Does Rand Paul Get Away with It?

We ran an editorial in support of Mike Pompeo’s nomination last week:

Pompeo will probably get confirmed anyway, but he needs Democratic votes because Steve Bannon and Rand Paul have, in effect, conspired to make the Republican-controlled Senate incapable of governing. Bannon, of course, backed to the hilt Roy Moore, who lost a Senate seat in ruby-red Alabama, reducing the Republican majority to 51–49. John McCain’s absence reduces the GOP margin further. And Rand Paul continues to be the single most destructive Republican senator, embracing a suicidal purity on budgetary matters and insisting that national-security nominees meet his wholly unrealistic standard of U.S. appeasement and withdrawal in foreign affairs. Paul is, naturally, opposed to Pompeo. That the Kentucky senator routinely undermines his own party and Trump’s agenda yet still remains in the good graces of the president is one of the great mysteries of Washington.

This remain a mystery, although Marc Short took a good shot at him this morning:

Trump, though, is still declining to name and shame Paul:

The Senate does indeed need more Republicans — who aren’t named Rand Paul or aren’t as determined to make it impossible for their own party to govern.


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