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How Does She Do It?

From a reader:

Sir,   I hope my occassional e-missives show that I am not a nutcase.  I’m not, I swear!  (Oswald acted alone!)  But in all seriousness, your post on Enron and Fannie Mae and mention of Jeffrey Skilling has me wondering something:  Is there a commission of powerful people who keep giving Jamie Gorelick jobs?  Or is she like Achilles and was dipped in Teflon at birth so that nothing she does ever sticks to her?  Look at her wikipedia bio and it’s a list of scandals and fraud from top to bottom including 9/11, Fannie Mae and (you can’t make this up!) the Duke Lacrosse Scandal where she was (wait for it) defending DUKE!  She’s even a director for Schlumberger, which is a bigger Haliburton with a funny name.  How is it possible that she flies below the radar of the liberal media?  I can’t help but love her myself!

Me: This is one of the more enduring Washington mysteries. I think Mulder and Scully are hot on her trail.  I invite theories from my colleagues.  


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