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‘How Hard Can It Be?’ State Dept Still Can’t Find Hillary’s Crucial ‘Separation’ Form

AP reporter Matt Lee was stumped by the State Department’s inability to find the “separation” form Hillary Clinton should’ve signed when she quit as Secretary of State, wondering why the department cannot go back and pull the document from the department’s HR files.

The form, OF-109, is critical to understanding whether Clinton violated the law by maintaining her own private e-mail account and server to conduct official business as Secretary.

If she signed the form, as is required for all departing employees, she may have committed a felony. The document asserts, under penalty of perjury, that the employee turned over all relevant records at the time of signing.

And if she didn’t sign the form, the question remains: Why not?

But reporters, who started asking for the form last week, have been repeatedly stymied by the State Department. “I don’t have an update on this, Matt,” spokeswoman Jenn Psaki told Lee on Monday. “We’re still working on it.”

“The human resources department presumably has a file on every employee,” Lee pressed. “It can’t be that difficult.”

“I don’t think former secretaries are standard employees,” Psaki said.

“Well, they might not be,” Lee said. “But how hard can it be to find . . . Where do these forms, once they’re signed, go? They don’t go into the ether, like so many other e-mails seem to have.”

“We do keep records, yes,” Psaki said. “It should be on file.”

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