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I asked someone who would know earlier today how to send stuff to troops. This is what was recommended–a few options:


2. Just looking around on the USO site see that they need $$ for phone cards. In most forward areas there are phone centers for the soldiers and Marines to call back to the US but they need phone cards (which they typically pay for at the PX). The PX is always out of phone cards though for some reason. Anyway the USO has come up with ’Operation Phone Home’ to get phone cards to these guys so they can…phone home. is a good one if people want to ‘adopt’ an individual soldier/Marine/sailor. The only thing is, packages need to be sent by this Saturday to make it to either Iraq or Afghanistan by Christmas.

4. is another good one- just send $$, they send packages. Their holiday drive is already completed but it doesn’t mean the guys in the field don’t still need stuff.

5. also sends packages to the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed, and in Germany and Kuwait. The guys especially need underwear, socks and sweats.


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