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How Long Will Sidewalk Counseling Be Legal in America?

NYPD, prayers and protesters outside Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn. (Photo: Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Sometimes I wonder. The police actually tried to shut down a single girl from offering help to women going into Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn today. It wasn’t malicious; they were just trying to keep the pro-lifers and Thank-God-for-Abortion people separate. Father Fidelis made clear she had the legal right to be there. Another person joined her when she was allowed to stay, being utterly maligned and harassed by the protesters. Sidewalk counseling is the last line of defense to offer hope for help for life to scared young women and girls. So, of course, it’s a threat to anyone who wants abortion on demand, as our protesters — and seemingly a whole lot of the neighbors — do.


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