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How Mitt Lost South Carolina

South Carolina, where Fort Sumter stands as an enduring monument to not quite thinking things through, has gone and done something hot-headed again. Let’s hope this time it won’t result in four more years of a destructive presidency. But it could. Among other things, South Carolina means that Mitt Romney can’t chicken out of forthcoming debates, even though debates give Newt Gingrich a chance to shine. Newt doesn’t blandly say “Believe in America.” He says he wants to get people off food stamps and put them to work.

Newt also has no problem with the vision thing. The moment Mitt lost South Carolina came during the first South Carolina debate, when he made the biggest gaffe of all: Standing there, looking as if he believed that all he had to do to be the nominee was stand there and not make a gaffe. Can you believe the businessman candidate couldn’t sell you on the idea that Bain Capital (who came up with that name?) and outfits like it are the greatest things since sliced bread? 

Mitt, call Peggy Noonan and beg her to take a leave of absence from her day job to give you the words. She’s helped your type before! Convince people you can beat Obama by beating Newt. Fight dirty if you need to. Newt will.


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