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How Is This Possible? ‘Gay Teens Have Higher Pregnancy Rates Than Their Straight Peers’

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

At a time when teen pregnancy rates across the state are at historic lows, the numbers for gay teens are surprisingly high.

In Minnesota, these young people are far more likely than their straight peers to become pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant, according to a recent analysis of data on adolescent sexual health.

That’s a lot of heterosexual activity from gay kids. Indeed, it turns out the numbers aren’t even close. Gay and lesbian youth were about five times more likely to have either gotten pregnant or gotten someone else pregnant than straight youth. Also this:

[LGBT youth] also were more sexually active than their straight peers, with about 51 percent of lesbian females reporting that they have had sex compared with 23.5 percent of straight females.

For males, the difference was similar. About 49 percent of gay males surveyed said they’ve had sex, while 26 percent of straight males reported having had sex.

Perhaps, just perhaps, sexuality is more malleable — more morality-driven — than we’ve been led to believe, with more sexually libertine cultures willing to explore a variety of different (and riskier) sexual behaviors. Perhaps, just perhaps, the campaign to normalize gay culture was a tad misleading about the habits and attitudes within that culture. This is just one study — and much more work needs to be done to determine whether its results hold up and whether the same results hold true across the country – but we shall see if social scientists are willing to take an honest and rigorous look at a culture that the secular Left requires we affirm and celebrate. I’m not holding my breath.


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