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How Quickly the Senate Acts on the DHS Bill Will Say a Lot About Whether They Want to Stop Amnesty

As noted below, the House of Representatives just passed the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security that blocks President Obama’s lawless amnesty decrees. There’s almost a month and a half before the current funding for the department expires, which is important because if the Senate acts and sends the bill the president’s desk in the next couple of weeks, Congress will have time to respond to Obama’s likely veto without the pressure of a looming shutdown of the department. Getting it through the Senate will require six Democrats to reach the 60-vote threshold, which will be difficult but by no means impossible. But the way we’ll know how serious Mitch McConnell is about trying to curb Obama’s lawlessness is whether he starts work on the bill right away or he sits on it, running out the clock on DHS funding to try to force conservative to capitulate.

In this case, last-minute legislating would serve Obama’s immigration agenda. We will soon see whose agenda Senator McConnell really supports.


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