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How Republicans Flipped Four House Seats in California

At Bloomberg, Greg Giroux breaks out the presidential vote in each of the four congressional districts where Republicans picked up a seat. It turns out that Biden won three of the four districts by double digits:

[Young] Kim, who lost a close race to [Gil] Cisneros in 2018, won by 1.2 percentage points as Biden carried the 39th by 10 points. [Michelle] Steel prevailed by 2.2 points, as Biden won the 48th by 1.5 points. […]

In the 21st District, a low-income Hispanic-majority area in California’s Central Valley, ex-Rep. David Valadao (R) defeated first-term Rep. TJ Cox (D) by less than a point in a rematch of their 2018 contest, even as Biden won the district by 11 points. […]

Republicans also kept control of the 25th District, a historically Republican area of northern Los Angeles County and southeastern Ventura County that’s drifted Democratic in presidential elections. Rep. Mike Garcia (R) won by 333 votes over state Assemblywoman Christy Smith (D) even as Biden carried the district by 10 points.

The field of Republican candidates who flipped House seats nationwide was quite diverse

Mike Garcia is a former Navy fighter pilot whose father immigrated from Mexico. David Valadao is the son of Portuguese immigrants. Young Kim and Michelle Steel are both Korean American, and a Korean-American woman had never been elected to Congress before this year.


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