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How to Watch the Convention

Last night brought the odd phenomenon of Trump fans — and his former campaign manager! — complaining that they had to tune in to other networks because Fox News hosts kept talking over the speakers at the GOP convention.

This is one of those rare moments where the interests of Fox News primetime hosts and the interests of the GOP are at odds. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity presumably hold no animus towards the speakers, but this is the time slot for their shows, and the audience will presumably be larger than usual. They don’t want to just announce at the beginning of the hour, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican convention,” and then remain quiet for an hour. If that’s all they’re going to do, why come into the studio at all?

But the Republican Party put a lot of effort into pulling off this convention on a tight deadline, emphasizing particular messages, and they don’t want the Fox News audience tuning in and watching the kind of Carlson or Hannity interview that they could watch any other night.

The answer is clear: if you want to watch the convention without interruptions, just tune in to C-SPAN or one of the livestream feeds online.


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