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Howard Dean Agrees: Obamacare Enrollees Are Older, Sicker

Obamacare enrollees are older and sicker than anticipated, former governor Howard Dean (D., Vt.) said on Fox News Sunday.

After Dean predicted that the controversial law would be “running a lot more smoothly” by March, Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute countered by pointing to enrollment data, which suggests an older, less healthy population is signing up for coverage, a dynamic many experts predict could put pressure on the health-insurance marketplace.

“When you look at the state-level data, what you see is a lot of people are signing up for more expensive plans,” which indicates a less healthy population, Gottlieb said.

Dean conceded that Gottlieb was “right about what he just said. The data does show that less healthy people are signing up; younger people are signing up less frequently than hoped.”

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