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Hoyer Credits/Blames Tea Partiers for Forcing Dem Retirements

House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) says the “negative atmosphere” created by the tea party movement has influenced the retirement decisions of some House Democrats (but not Bart Stupak):

“Do I think that [the] negative atmosphere that’s been created by the Tea Party and by others certainly goes into the thinking of members? I think it does. I think you have to honestly point out that it does,” Hoyer added. “I don’t think that was the determining factor with respect to Mr. Stupak, because again, he was in very good shape in the polls.  It wasn’t a question of his losing his election.

“So that I think that other members clearly, you know, have in mind what’s happening in their districts, what’s happening in the country. But I think there are judgments that are going to be made and I would urge all the members that are here to run, to seek reelection.  I think the Republicans still have more … retirees than we do. So if it was the atmosphere, you would think that the opposite would be the case. It’s not.”

 “Mr. Stupak did not leave because of the Tea Party.”


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